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COVID-19 Update
Due to the continuing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, we will NOT be having any formal summer league this year, despite CNY’s reopening progress. This was an extremely tough decision because we know how many of you look forward to the formal extended season format every summer. Some factors leading to this decision were (1) the inability to secure a permit for field access that would provide the opportunity to field the number of teams we estimated would be needed, (2) not wanting pressure any individual to either (a) sign up or (b) show up each week if the data surrounding COVID took a turn for the worse or family circumstances changed and (3) the timing and effort required to prepare for a formal season didn’t seem feasible beyond a certain date.
We will, instead, be opting to have organized league sanctioned pickup games starting in mid-July in accordance with recently released NYS guidelines. The location and frequency of these sessions is yet to be determined and will likely change week to week. The informal and smaller group nature of pickup allows us to be in greater control of certain risk factors and provides for more accurate attendance records should contact tracing be required.
When pickup does commence you can expect some sort of participation tracking to be done, a cleaning of the disc every few points, no handshakes or high-fives, social distancing to be kept on the sidelines, masks to be worn when distancing is impossible and no group socializing at the conclusion of each session. Those feeling ill or who have had direct contact to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 are expected to stay home. There may be additional requirements or guidelines communicated as we approach our estimated start date.
Some of these precautions may be seen as extreme but it is simply too difficult to know or track who is following social distance guidelines at home, at work and during their social interactions, who has a higher frequency of contact with their parents or grandparents or who has recently traveled to a higher risk area.
Once again, we thank you for your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times.
Should you have any questions, please let me know.

Dan Scott

President, Syracuse Ultimate

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